Other Products

Barista Products

Accessories & Utensils

Everything you need to make the best of our fressh roast espresso beans.

Shot glasses, shot jugs, milk-foaming jugs, milk thermometers, spatulas, rubber tamping mats, constant pressure tampers, manual tampers, mini-whisks, chocolate shakers and more…

Ancillary Equipment

All the additional coffee equipment needed for an efficient, well equipped coffee bar.

Regular single-shot dose grinders, on-demand grinders, knock-out drawers and boxes, water softeners

Cleaning Products

Specialist cleaning products for your espresso machine and grinder.

Group-head detergent – powder and liquid – and group-head brushes for regular cleaning of traditional espresso machines. Grinder wheel cleaning crystals.  Detergent liquids, cleaning tablets and descaler for bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Crockery and Cutlery

Espresso, cappuccino cups and saucers, latte mugs and glasses. Plain or printed with your logo (no minimum quantity).  Extra-long latte spoons and extra-small espresso spoons.

Miscellaneous Products

We sell almost every thing else to go with coffee:

  • Biscuits & Chocs

    Individually wrapped “Lotus” caramelised biscuits. 

  • Sugar & Creamer

    Brown & white sugar sticks & lumps.  Individual portions of UHT milk & creamer. 

  • Toppings

    Belgian chocolate shavings.  Mini-marshmallows.  Stencils. 

  • Single Portion Coffees

    Decaffeinated espresso pods.  

  • Takeaway Disposables

    Ripple-wrap cups, lids, stirrers.

  • Machine Parts

    Spare parts for most espresso machine brands and brewers.  Group handles, filter inserts, cleaning blanks, seals, knock-boxes, water softeneners…  

Hot Chocolate

We have a range of hot chocolates for different requirements.

Powders & syrups, dark & white.

You’re bound to love one of them – or of course all. 

  • Italian Thick Choc

    Our own brand Italian Thick Chocolate is rich and sweet and creamy and very thick.  
    (It needs a milk steamer.)

    It is available in White Chocolate as well as “normal” brown. 

  • Van Houten

    Long established and highly regarded producers of a wide range of chocolate products.  We sell their “Special Bar” add-milk product in kilo boxes. 

  • Cocodirect

    Cocodirect “San Cristobal” Fairtrade dark hot chocolate (add-milk) available packed in kilo containers.  40% cocoa from Dominican Republic.   100% natural ingredients – just cocoa and sugar 

  • 1883 Gourmet Sauce

    A thick, dark sauce ideal for frappes, mochas, milk shakes, toppings and lattes as well as luxurious hot chocolate drinks.  

We offer a wide range of syrups suitable for coffee, cocktails and cooking.  For more information visit www.1883.com or for a list of the range we supply see our price list:-

Price List