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Latest Speciality Coffee Arrivals

Keep an eye on this page for new premium quality coffees as they arrive here in Nottingham.  We are always finding excellent new products as the growers improve their techniques and new areas are cultivated.  

  • Honduras Microlot - Exclusive

    Honduras Microlots - Exclusive

    We now have a microlot of coffee (just half a tonne) grown exclusively for Lee & Fletcher by Juan Carlos Flores Dias in the Copan Region of Honduras.  It's medium strength, tastes great and you can buy it from:- 

    Delilah Fine Foods in Nottingham  

    No 8 Deli in West Bridgford  

    GH Porter in Newark  

  • Three Wonderful Colombians from Cafe Granja La Esperanza

    I probabaly shouldn't go to cupping days at DR Wakefield.  I end up spending money I hadn't planned to...  But these coffees sre so good and all so different.  Here are our shippers tasting notes

    "Entraverdes" Risaralda - Full buttery body, bright acidity, fruit, cherry and caramel flavours.  (I thought it was spectacular for the relatively low price) 

    "Caturra de Altura" - Full body, lively acidity, citrus berries and cherries, chocolate flavours.  (I founds loads of interestin flavours.)  

    "Mokka" - Rich body, moderate acidity, chocolate and cream with slight woody characters.  (It seemed slightly smokey to me.  Not cheap but spectacular!)  

    Café Granja La Esperanza has grown since the first farm "Potosi" was created in 1950 in the Caicedonia Area. Today, it is one of the model farms in Colombia, producing some of the best coffee in the world. 

    This farm is still family owned by Rigoberto Herrera who has invested in the best technology to produce coffee from 6 different specific varietals:Geisha, Bourbon Amarillo, Bourbon Rojo, Pacamara, Laurina and Mokka.

    These coffee are produced in 5 different estates: Las Margaritas, Cerro Azul, Trujillo , Buenos Aires and Las Esperanza,  a total of 42 hectares.

    Coffee is carefully processed as fully washed and Honey preparation.

    If you want to get more information- please follow the link below:



  • Dominican Republic AA Don Jimenez Estate, Gold Quality - It's Back!

    Yes.  We've got another 2 x 10 kilo sacks.  Hurry, hurry - it'll be gone soon!  (Cos if no-one buys it, we will have drunk it all!)  For info about the coffee see earlier post below.  

  • Costa Rica La Trinidad

    Our shippers in London, DR Wakefield, decided some years ago to develop closer relationships with growers and processors in the coffee producing countries. Their aim is to encourage the supply of better quality coffees with a greater emphasis on sustainability and traceability.  

    This is a prime example of this policy coming to fruition,  Costa Rican coffees are almost always good but rarely remarkable.  This is an exception.  It is produced as part of the Tarrazu Community Coffee Program, supportred by Dr Wakefield.  

    Following a recent field trip DRW reported that "We were very pleased that the premium given to the producers to select the best quality beans has made a positive impact on their lives.  We were extremely lucky and honoured to be present and hand out tyhe premium to the farmers of La Trinidad.  They decided to invest the premium into materials to finish building the main road that provides access to their community."  

    Go and drink some in "Coffee", No 8 Goosegate, Nottingham.  You won't be disappointed.   Check them out on Facebook.

  • Malawi Mzuzu Misuku Region

    Another exceptional African high-grown sustainable coffee produced by the Smallholder Coffee Farmers trust. This is from the Misuku Hills in Chipita District bordering Tanzania.  It has good sweetness, mellow acidity and a nutty, earthy, winey flavour.  It makes an excellent espresso on its own and it blends well with other more distinctive coffees.  

  • Tanzanian Ngorongoro Blue

    Like most of the coffeees from the Kilimanjaro region of Africa, this is a mild, subtle coffee.  It is grown on very small farms and mostly hand-processed by the farm owners and their families.  The expected acidity is balanced with sweet toffee flavour.  An excellent cafetire or filter coffee.  

  • Harrar East Grade 4

    Harrar East Grade 4

    I have a new best coffee of all time.  It's "BIG" in every way.  Naturally grown and sun-dried coffee from the Ethiopian East Harrar region.  Extraordinary flavours  - "Yes, it is meant to taste like that!"  

    Fruity, winey flavours and creamy body.  The finest Harrars, from the East of the region, are noted for their rich blueberry flavour.  

    Well worth buying and raving about because it is becoming rarer as Chat production grows with faster cash returns while putting pressure on scarce water supplies.  

    Grab some while it there but beware it is a "marmite" coffee.  You will find it available at Delilah Fine Foods on Weekday Cross - unless the manager, Nik, has drunk it all himself.  (Delilah Website) 

    August 2012

  • Dominican Republic Cibao Altura

    Dominican Republic Cibao Altura

    Another excellent coffee from Dominican Republic grown by Juan Bienvenido Guerrero on the Cibao Altura estate.  

    The shipper's tasting notes say "Round body, refined acidity, chocolate, green apple and nutty flavours."  

    I tried it this morning and it really is another amazing coffee from Dominican Republic.   It is full of "big" flavours.  You know you've drunk a cup of coffee!  We're still hoping for some more Don Jimenez Gold later in the year.  This is not quite as subtle and sweet but it's still very good. 

    July 2012 

  • Peru Cafe Femenino

    Peru Cafe Femenino

    "Out of Peru comes a story of strength, unity and hope.  A new coffee, Cafe Femenino, has evolved.  It is changing the role of women in remote, rural coffee communities."  

    It is estimated that 70% of women in rural Peru are subject to abuse or abandonment.  The co-operative founded in 2004 aims to support and educate its women members.   

    We are told that the emphasis on quality has caused embarrassment to the men of Peru and they have started working to improve their product too.  A real win-win!  

    It is a medium strength mild-sweet flavoured coffee suitable for any brewing process.  Makes a great espresso.  

    www.cafefemenino.com We also have some electronic information we can send to you if you want it.  

    (Monday 16th January 2012) 

    Cafe Feminino is served in The Kiosk in Sherwood, (Facebook) and The Walk, Bridlesmiths Walk, Nottingham (Website). 

    You can get a bag to take home from GH Porter in Newark's Market Square, The Deli at Radcliffe (Website), Delilah Fine Foods, Nottingham (Website) or No8 Deli in West Bridgford (Website).  

  • Dominican Republic AA Don Jimenez Estate, Gold Quality

    Don Jimenez

    A "Baby-sized" 10kg sack of this spectacular coffee arrived in mid-December.  Sebastian roasted 2kg on Thursday 23rd and it was so good we shared it out and took it all home for Christmas.  But don't worry, we'll roast some more soon.  

    The grower's cupping description says:- "Le nez , gourmand et flatteur, developpe des notes de cassis, de framboise et d'epices douces.  En bouche, l'attaque est vive, le milieu onctueux et le final tout en fraicheur accompagnent une incroyable persistence aromatique.  C'est un veritable cafe de terroir, intense, complet et aromatique."  

    Not translated because I never really understand these notes even in English!  But it is VERY good coffee. 

    (Tuesday 3rd January, updated Monday 16th January 2012) 

    Sorry to everyone who has been wanting to buy some of this coffee - it did sell out very quickly.  

    The good news is we will have another lovely Dominican coffee later today (Friday 13th July 2012). 

  • Doi Chaang Coffee from Northern Thailand "Beyond Fair Trade": A Unique Partnership

    Doi Chaang

    This is the first Thai coffee we have ever sold and it is a revelation.  Full of rich flavour and an immediate favourite.  

    Pictured here is our London shipper, Simon Wakefield, with Wicha who brokered the relationship between Thai tribesmen and the Canadian coffee shippers.  

    Doi Chaang coffee farmers enjoy a unique position in an equal partnership.

    First, the farmers are paid in excess of the price recommended by the Fair Trade Organization for their green beans by Canadian, Doi Chaang Coffee Company. They retain 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their beans.

    Second, in recognition of their contribution and to improve the Thai farmers' living standards, the Canadian Partners have "gifted" the Thai farmers a 50% registered ownership in the Company.

    Only those superior beans will be sold under the name Doi Chaang Coffee Company, while the other 35% of production, comprising of various sized and broken beans, will be sold directly by the Thai farmers, for their sole benefit, to international coffee buyers. 

    As a result, the farmers are committed to growing excellent quality coffee.  

    There are good videos on Youtube about Doi Chaang. www.youtube.com/user/doichaangcoffee1

    The one entitled "The Struggle for Human Dignity" is a good starting point.  

    (December 2011) 

    We are pleased to say that you can now drink Doi Chaang coffee at Hartleys in Hockley (Website).  

    You can also buy it to take home from Delilah at Weekday Cross (Website

    (July 2012)