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Hot Chocolate

We have a range of hot chocolates for different requirements.

Powders & syrups, dark & white, add milk & add water, kilos & individual sachets.

You're bound to love one of them - or of course all. 

  • Italian Thick Choc

    Our own brand Italian Thick Chocolate is rich and sweet and creamy and very thick.  
    (It needs a milk steamer.)

    It is available in White Chocolate as well as "normal" brown. 

  • Van Houten

    Long established and highly regarded producers of a wide range of chocolate products.  We sell add-milk and add-water products from their range in kilo bags. 

  • Cocodirect

    Fairtrade hot chocolate available in add-milk and add-water products packed in kilo containers

  • Suchard

    Single portion sachets of Suchard (add-water) hot chocolate.