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Wholesale Coffee - Roast in Nottingham

  • Our aim

    Our Aim

    is to provide excellent service and excellent coffees at the best possible price, whether it be standard commodity grade coffee or single variety, single estate coffee; whether it be for a transport café or an award-winning restaurant. 

    We supply our own brand "PLANTATION ROAST" wholesale coffee in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and all over the East Midlands. 

  • Sourcing of Beans

    Sourcing of Beans

    Where possible, we source all of our coffees through shippers in Hamburg and London, who have direct links with the growers.  Tiny fractions of a penny per cup make an enormous difference to the taste.

  • Artisan roasting

    Artisan Roasting

    Roasting coffee at L&F is still essentially a manual process based on the knowledge and experience of the coffee roaster.  In 2004, we invested in a new Lilla roasting machine from Brazil. www.lilla.com.br .  It was selected for its high quality, small batch, slow roast - putting freshness before production cost.  Features include built-in heat re-circulation and smoke afterburners, so it's clean on the environment, and temperature and time control features for safety and flexibility.  But it's still the operator who makes the decisions! 

  • Quality Control in blending and cupping

    Initial tasting of new products tells us how best to roast each one.  
    Regular tasting ensures we maintain our standards.

  • Grades of coffees

    Standard Commodity Coffee - typical coffee for the country of origin.  Selected from trusted sources to ensure a smooth, satisfying drink.  
    Premium Commodity Coffee - higher grade coffees, usually from defined areas known for a distinctive taste.  
    Gourmet Coffee - some of the finest coffees in the world, from named, single estates, or selected by painstaking processes to ensure perfection.  Well worth the extra penny or so per cup.

    Non-certified ethically sourced coffees - many of our Gourmet coffees are selected by our shippers from single estates or co-operatives, evaluated according to their own strict criteria:- 1) for quality - above all else, 2) for sustainability (of the harvest and the communities), 3) for traceability (of arabica sub-species varietals, and the farm - sometimes down to the field).  Then a premium price above the market norm is negotiated to ensure ongoing development and improvement. DR Wakefield and Mercanta - The Coffee Hunters.   

  • Certifications


    Rainforest Alliance:  We were one of the first UK roasters to register with Rainforest Alliance.  This is an excellent certification protecting the Rainforest environment, wildlife and communities.  The coffee comes from named sources, so they can charge a premium price when they produce premium quality coffee - and they do! www.rainforest-alliance.org 

    Fairtrade: We were one of the first in UK to apply for a licence to use the Fairtrade Mark and remain Nottingham's only Fairtrade Registered wholesale coffee roaster.  Set up on a charitable basis, to help exploited coffee farmers, the scheme guarantees a minimum, reasonable price is paid to the producers.    www.fairtrade.org.uk 

    Swiss Water Decaffeinated:  Perfect for those who mistrust the chemicals or CO2 used in other decaffeination processes.  SWD use only water and source their coffee from the highest quality origins.  You still get the full flavour of the Gourmet coffeee without the caffeine and with no risk of contaminants.  www.swisswater.com